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Primary Subscriber vs. Administrator vs. User - Available Actions

Primary Subscriber

Per 1(f) of Clio's Terms of Service, the “PrimarySubscriber” shall mean the Subscriber who initiated the Services offered by Themis and is assumed by Themis to have the sole authority to administer the subscription.  Unless changed, this is the first user to sign up for the Clio account and there can be only one Primary Subscriber.  The Primary Subscriber also has Administrator permissions and has sole control of the firm calendar. By default the Primary Subscriber is selected to be a subscription class of a lawyer. If this user should actually be a non-attorney, and should not have administrator permissions, please review this Support Article.


An administrator of the Clio account can make changes to settings and grant permission levels to others. Unlike the Primary Subscriber, there can be multiple administrators. 


A user is a normal user of your Clio account that does not have permission to make any significant changes such as granting permissions or access to Accounts, Billing, and/or Reports. An administrator can grant or deny permissions to the user.


Action Admin User Firm Wide Notes
Add Court Rules Jurisdictions    Only administrators can add jurisdictions for use by all users on the account.
Bulk Actions    Only administrators can delete items in bulk.
Calendar Sharing    n/a  Each user has the ability to share their own personal calendar.
Create Permission Groups     
Create Text Snippets    n/a  Each user creates their own text snippets.
Delete Clio Account    Only administrators can delete the Clio account.
Delete Content Throughout Clio  Any user can delete individual items from Clio.
Enable Accounting Integrations    Once connected, integrations will be available to all users.
Enable Document Integrations    Once connected, integrations will be available to all users.
Enable Strong Passwords    Once enabled, this will affect all users.
Enable Two-Factor    
Global Exports     n/a  Only account administrators can access the global exports page:
Manage Account Payment Information    n/a   
Manage Bill Settings  Only users with Billing permission have access.
Manage Bill Themes  Only users with Billing permission have access.
Manage Clio Connect Settings  Changes to branding are firm wide.
Manage Clio Payments    Only account administrators can sign up for Clio Payments or connect LawPay to Clio Payments.
Manage Custom Fields    Once created, Matter and Contact Custom Fields are available to all users of the account.
Manage Firm Contact Information     
Manage Firm Feed  n/a  
Manage Matter Numbering      Changing Matter numbers will affect all Matters in your account.
Manage Payment Profiles  Only users with Billing permission have access.
Manage Practice Areas  Practice areas already linked to Matters cannot be deleted until they are removed from those Matters.
Manage Users    Changes are instant across the account.
Set Court Rules Defaults  n/a  Each user can specify their own defaults.
Set up Firm Calendar Sync    n/a  Only the Primary Subscriber can sync and share the Firm calendar.
Set up Personal Calendar Sync    n/a  Each user can set up their own Calendar syncs.
Undo Deletion from Recovery Bin    Not all items can be recovered.
View Account Sessions and IP Info    n/a  Only administrators have this view. 
View Private Tasks  Private Tasks can only be viewed by the "Assigned by and "Assigned to" users, as well as account administrators.
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