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Editing User Profile Information

Users can modify their own profile information by clicking on their user icon in the Clio header and selecting "Profile"; or by going to the Settings panel and clicking on "Profile" in the Personal column. 

Account Administrators can modify any user information by going to the Settings panel and clicking on "Manage Users" in the System column.

On the Manage Users page, click "Edit" below the user profile that you want to manage. Please note that Account Administrators will have editing options for all users, where individual users will only have editing options below their own user profile.

Please note, if you are looking to edit information relating to the firm, please click on "Account and Payment Information" under the Settings page.

User specific options include: 

User Picture: Upload an image that will displayed throughout Clio and in email notifications. 

First Name & Last Name: These are the only fields that are required and are completed automatically when the user is invited to join your Clio account.

Initials: User initials can be displayed on bills in the Attorney Summary table if enabled.

Address: The user's address field is for firm reference purposes only and can be useful if your firm has multiple office locations.

Phone: The user's phone number is for firm reference purposes only.

Time Zone: Selecting the correct time zone is important for ensuring the accuracy of your Clio calendar events.

Locale: This option is useful for users in the UK and will change all instances of the word "Attorney" in Clio to "Solicitor". 

Billing Rate: This is where you can specify the user's default's rate. For more information, click HERE.

Billing Visibility: This is where you can specify what information is visible to the user when creating time entries.

    • All - This user will see all rates when creating time entries.
    • Limited - This user will see only their own rates when creating time entries.
    • None - This user will not see any rates when creating time entries.

Subscriber Type: "Attorney" or "Non-Attorney" - Note that only Attorneys can be selected as the Responsibly Attorney on a Matter and there must be at least one Attorney on the account at all times.  

Groups: Add or remove the Groups that the user is a part of.

Job Title: Select the Job Title (Timekeeper Classification) that will be displayed on LEDES formatted bills and in the Attorney Summary table if enabled. For more information, click HERE.

Permissions: Specify which areas of Clio the user has access to. For more information, click HERE.

Please ensure you click on "Save New Information" after any updates.

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