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Automated Bill Reminders is here & natively built into Clio! 
Please see the Automated Bill Reminders FAQ to learn more. 


Get Paid Faster. InvoiceSherpa is the fastest way to automate your accounts receivable and collect on your outstanding invoices.

If you are not already an InvoiceSherpa customer, connecting your Clio account to InvoiceSherpa for the first time will begin your 30 day free trial.

To Connect your Clio account to InvoiceSherpa, Go to the "Apps" page in your Clio Settings panel and click on the "Add Application" button for InvoiceSherpa. You will then be prompted to create a new account or log in to an existing account. If you are creating a new account, you will be required to create a password and provide InvoiceSherpa with contact information for your company. 

In Step 3 of the account set up, you can select which applications you would like to connect to InvoiceSherpa. Click the Clio logo to connect InvoiceSherpa to your Clio account.

InvoiceSherpa will now start to bring over your invoices and Contacts from Clio. It can take as much as 24 hours for the first sync of your Clio data to complete.

Home Page

Once in InvoiceSherpa, you will be presented with your account Home page.

  1. Clicking on the Outstanding and Past Due summaries will sort the list of Customer invoices.
  2. Click on the "Reminders Active" button to deactivate reminders or turn them back on again.
  3. Clicking on a Customer name in the invoice list will open a side panel showing a list of the Customer's open and outstanding invoices as well as any invoice notes that you may have added.
  4. Click on "Get Details" to open the "Customer Detail" page.
  5. Scroll further down the Home page to view your scheduled reminders for the next week, a pie graph of outstanding invoices, and invoice stats for the month.


Reminder Schedule

The Reminder Schedule page is where you will define exactly how InvoiceSherpa will follow up on your invoices with your customers.

  1. From the menu buttons on the left, click "Reminders" then "Reminder Schedule" to set up and modify Reminder Actions.
  2. Drag buttons from the Reminder Actions column to the boxes in the "Actions Before" and "Actions After" columns.
  3. Edit a reminder template by clicking on the gear icon or remove an action by clicking on the X icon. 



From the menu buttons on the left, click "Customers" to view outstanding balances for your clients and to send manual reminders.

  1. Clicking the "See Invoices" button in the Top Debtors box or the list icon in the Customers table will take you to the "Customer Detail" page.
  2. Uncheck the "Hide Zero Balance Customers" box to show your clients with a $0 balance.
  3. Check in the boxes beside individual client names, then click the "Send Manual Reminders" button at the bottom of the page to send a reminder for a specific invoice number.


Customer Detail Page

  1. Click on the cloud dropdown button to stop reminders for that invoice or to get a payment link (you must first connect to a payment provider in the InvoiceSherpa settings).
  2. Click the "Add Note" button to add an invoice note for that customer.



To access your InvoiceSherpa settings, click the "Settings" menu button on the left.

  1. "Company" -- modify your contact information, upload a firm logo, or change your password.
  2. "Plans & Billing" -- upgrade your account and add credit card information.
  3. "Accounting Integration" -- add an email address for accounting related notifications and a reminder reply-to email address.
  4. "Payment Integration" -- connect your InvoiceSherpa account to PayPal, Stripe, or Card Access Services for payment processing.


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