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Managing User Email Addresses

Account administrators can change the email addresses for other firm users. 

Non-administrator users can change their own email addresses. For details, click HERE

To change another user's email address, go to your Clio Settings panel then click on "Manage Users" in the System column.  

Below each user, administrators will see an "Edit" quick link. Clicking in that link will bring you to the user's Profile page.


On the Profile page, click the "Change Login Email" sub-tab.

Next, you will be required to enter in the new email address and your own password (not the password of the user who's email address you are changing). 

Finally, the user will receive a confirmation email to the new email address. 

Users should exercise extreme caution when modifying their primary email address, as this address acts as a unique identifier within the Clio system, and is required for login purposes as well as confidential Clio correspondence.

If you use Clio Sync for Outlook - make sure to go to the Clio Sync Setup and change the login email.

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