Moving Funds in Clio

When you are looking at a client or matter card in Clio, you will see the Transaction tab that contains the various ledgers you have opened.

You have the ability within the transaction tab to:

  1. Record a Transaction (Retainer or Deposit)
  2. Transfer Funds (From one Ledger to another)
  3. Transfer Funds Matter-to-Matter (Between a client and any of her Matters)
  4. To Receive Bill Payment (For outstanding bills)

Recording a Transaction

To add funds to one of your Ledgers, go to the Transaction tab and click on "Add".

Next, choose "Record Transaction":

Now follow the steps for recording a transaction.

Transfer Funds

If there are situations that you need to transfer client funds from one account to another, then click on "Add" in the Transaction tab and choose "Transfer Funds":

In this form you would enter in the information about the transfer, including any notes if desired, and choose the Source and Destination account along with the amount. Then click on "Record Transfer".

Transfer Funds Matter-to-Matter

If there is a situation where you need to transfer funds between the client level and/or Matters linked to a single client, then click on "Add" in the Transaction tab and choose "Transfer Funds Matter-to-Matter":

In this form, ensure that the Client field is filled in then enter in the information about the transfer; including the Bank Account, Source and Destination, Amount and any notes if desired. Then click on "Record Transfer".

Receive Bill Payment

To receive a bill payment from the contact or matter card, go to the Transactions tab and click on "Add". Next, choose "Receive Bill Payment" from the drop down menu. Next, fill in the details of the payment. You can fill in the fields as necessary but there are a few points:

  1. Choose the proper bills from the dropdown (if the client has more than one).
  2. Choose the proper Source Account (where the funds are coming from).
    If the bill has multiple Matters, then you will only be able to select funds in an account (i.e. Trust) that are at the client level and not linked to a specific Matter. 
  3. Choose an operating account for the destination of the payment funds. 
  4. The amount of the bill will populate into the "Payment" field. If the client has less funds in their Source account you will need to adjust the amount of the payment accordingly.


  5. If the bill contains charges for multiple Matters, you can click the "Expand" link to allocate payments to specific Matters on the bill.

    When receiving payment on a multi-Matter bill, you are able to select as the Source either account funds available at the client level (the "Client Balance") or account funds allocated to the specific Matter (the "Matter Balance").

Click on "Receive Payment" to finish and save.

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