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QuickBooks Desktop: Export Options

When Exporting to Quickbooks desktop, you have the option of choosing whether to Export a simple report or a more detailed report.  By default, Clio is set to Export a 'detailed' Report.  

The difference between these two detail levels are as follows:

  • Simple: This method condenses all activities into a single line item as "Legal Fee Income". Time and Expenses will not be split.

  • Detailed: This method lists each activity as a separate line item.  Time and Expenses would be split and will give you an entry for every single line item on your Bill. Time is entered as "Legal Fee Income" and Expenses are added as "Advanced Client Costs".

To change the default Export, go to or go to any of the Export pages and click the link to the right of the Exports that says "Quickbooks Export Options".   


Next, scroll down to "Report Detail Level" and choose either "Simple" or "Detailed".   


After you have made your selection, please click on "Update Quickbooks Export Options" button.  

Please click here for instructions on how to import IIF files to QuickBooks.

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