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Reporting on Matters

Matter data can be reported on in Clio in three different sections.

Filtered Exports


Under the Reports tab, you can generate the Matters report, or the Matters by Responsible Attorney report.

The "Matters" report shows all Matters for a specified attorney and/or client along with Description, Practice Area, Status, and Accounts Receivable. More information on this Report can be seen here.

The "Matters by Responsible Attorney" report shows all Matters arranged by attorney along with client name and Description. More information on this Report can be seen here


Go to for North American clients or for European clients to export your matter list to an excel-compatible spreadsheet.


From here you can sort your spreadsheet by filtering the columns. For more information on manipulating the data in the spreadsheet, click HERE.

Filtered Exports

From the Matters tab you can also create a filtered Export.

  1. Click on Filter on the right hand side of the Matters' page.
  2. Select the appropriate filters such as Custom Fields.
  3. Select Export.

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