Matter Permissions and Groups

You can assign a Matter to a certain individual, everyone in your firm, or a specific Group. If you are not included in the permission group, you will not be able to find this Matter.

Administrators can assign permissions to a matter, can create and edit groups.
Non-Administrators can assign permissions to a matter.

To assign the matter permission, go to your matter and click the "Edit" button.

Now, scroll down the Matter Edit form to the "Matter Permissions" section and select the permission option that you require. By default, all Matters are set to be viewable by all users on the account. 

Please note: In order to view a matter, or bill it, you must be part of the permission group with access to that matter.


Note that only Administrators can set user groups. 

Group permissions allows you to specify a group of users who can view a particular Matter.  To create a group you can click on the "Add a Group" link in the Edit Matter form, or go to your Clio Settings panel and click on "Groups, Permissions, and Job Titles" in the System column; then click the "Add" button. 

Name the Group and click "Save". 

To add members to a group, click on the name of the Group.

 Now, click into the "Users" field to select the users that should be included in the group and click the "Update Group" button. 

When you add a group to a Matter Permission, you will see the group name noted in the Matter Details: 



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