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Matter Permissions and Groups

You can assign a Matter to a certain individual, everyone in your firm, or a specific Group. If you are not included in the permission group, you will not be able to find the Matter.

Administrators can assign permissions to a matter, and can create and edit groups.
Non-Administrators can assign permissions to a matter.

To assign the matter permission, go to your matter and click the "Edit matter" button.


In the Permissions field, select who you want to be able to access the Matter.

  • Me means only you can access the Matter
  • Everyone means every user on your account can access the Matter
  • Choosing a Custom group means every user in that group can access the Matter
    • For information on how to create a group, click here.

Note: In order to view a matter, or bill it, you must be part of the permission group with access to that matter.

 Note: Even if you don't have Permission to view a Matter, you will still see that Matter's Bills if you have Billing Permissions, Transactions within the Accounts tab if you have Accounts Permissions, Tasks associated with the Matter, Calendar Events associated with the Matter, and the Matter will still be visible on applicable Reports if you have the Reports Permission.

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