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NetDocuments: How to use the Integration

Once you have set up either your Workspace or Folder view, you will follow these steps in uploading and viewing Documents in the two programs.


Linking Clio Matters to NetDocuments Workspace View
Uploading Documents in Clio
Uploading Documents in NetDocuments
Editing Linked Documents
Adding Time for Work Spent on a Document

Linking Clio Matters to NetDocuments Workspace View

If you are linking Matters to NetDocuments Workspace view, you will be required to manually link all new Matters created in Clio with NetDocuments. 

For instructions on how to link Matters between Clio and NetDocuments Workspace, see the "Setting up your Workspace View" article. 

If you are linking Clio to NetDocuments Folder view, this step is not required. 

Uploading Documents in Clio

  1. You can see the integration under the main "Documents" tab. Select the "NetDocuments" sub-tab integration and choose the appropriate client/Matter.

    Alternately, you can open the Contact or Matter and click on the "Documents" sub-tab and open the "NetDocuments" integration.

  2. Choose "Upload" and choose the file from your computer.  Then determine any choices within the dropdown that must be specified based on your NetDocuments Profile Attributes, then choose "Start Upload" (remember that the "Document Type" is the sub-folder you want the document to appear in). Once input, select Start Upload:

  3. Note that it can take a couple of minutes for the Document to be "filed":

To see the Document in the folder, open the folder you uploaded it to and hit "Refresh" at the top right if you don't see it in the list:

Once you click on the name of the Document it will download to your computer where you can open and view it.

If you open your NetDocuments integration under the same Case, you will see the Document there as well: 

Uploading Documents in NetDocuments

  1. Open the appropriate Case in the NetDocuments Workspaces and upload the Document:

  2. It may take a few minutes for the Document to be filed.  Once it is you will see the Document you just uploaded in NetDocuments:

    You will also see the document within the Clio interface:

Editing Linked Documents

In the Clio interface you can click on the name of a NetDocuments Document so that you can view it within NetDocuments.  In order to make edits to the Document, you can do this within NetDocuments and save the changes as a new version for example.  For more information, please review NetDocuments Support Resources

Adding Time for Work Spent on a Document

Because Clio and NetDocuments are working together, you can add a time entry for time spent reviewing or editing the Document in order to bill the Client.  To do so, within the Clio interface you will see the Add Time icon to the right of the Document where you can determine the length of time spent: 

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