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Custom Fields: Creating Contact & Matter Custom Fields & Sets

You can create custom fields for all kinds of information related to your Contacts and Matters, and you can group them into sets so that they can quickly be added to your Contacts and Matters.

If you are looking to add Custom Fields to your document templates, please see this article: Document Automation: Merge Fields.

Please Note: Custom fields can only be created by the Account Administrator and they are shared firm-wide.


Individual Custom Fields
Changing the Ordering of Individual Custom Fields on Matters and Contacts
Custom Field Sets
Adding Custom Fields to a Contact or a Matter

Creating Individual Custom Fields

To create and manage your Custom Fields, go to the Clio Settings panel and click on "Custom Fields" in the System column. 

In Clio, Matter and Contact Custom Fields are created separately. To add or manage your Matter Custom Fields, click on the "Matter Custom Fields" tab. Similarly, to add or manage your Contact Custom Fields, click on the "Contact Custom Fields" tab. 

From the "Individual Fields" sub-tab of either area, click on the "Add" button to create a new Custom Field. 

Enter a "Name", and select the desired field "Type".  For a breakdown of all available Field Types, click HERE.

  1. Check the "Default" box if you want the field to appear whenever creating or editing a Matter or Contact.
  2. Check the "Required" box if the field must be completed when added to a Matter or Contact form. When making a field Required, we also suggest that you make the field a Default. Fields that are set as Required but are not Defaults, can still be removed from the Matter form.
  3. Click "Save".

Repeat these steps for all Matter and Contact Custom Fields you want to create. 

Changing the Ordering of Individual Custom Fields on Matters and Contacts

You can change the order in which Custom Fields appear in the Matter or Contact form by clicking on the "Modify Order" button from the "Individual Fields" sub-tab of your Matter or Contact Custom Fields.  

In the "Re-Order Custom Fields" window, drag and drop the fields into the order you would like. 

At the bottom of the list, make sure you click the "Save Order" button. 

Creating Matter Custom Field Sets

You can also create Custom Field Sets which group fields together so you can add them at once to the Matter or Contact form instead of individually. 

Tip:  You must create your Individual Custom Fields before proceeding with Custom Field Sets.  If you have just added them, refresh your page before continuing.

To define a Custom Field Set, click on the "Field Sets" sub-tab for either your Matter Custom Fields or Contact Custom Fields then click on the "Add" button.

Enter a "Name" to help you identify the set then click on "Select some Custom Fields" to chose the individual Custom Fields that should be included in the set.

Check the "Default" box if you want all of the fields in the set to be added to the Matter or Contact forms (whether or not the individual fields have been set as Default). If you want all of the fields in the set to be Required, you will have to make each of the individual fields included in the set Required.

Adding Custom Fields to a Contact or a Matter

When creating or editing a Matter or Contact, your individual Custom Fields or field sets specified as Default will appear automatically on the form. Otherwise, individual Custom Fields and field sets that are not marked as Default can be added by clicking on the "Select to add a custom field" drop down menu.

Note that a Custom Field cannot be added more than once. If you require duplicate fields, then you will have to create multiple Custom Fields with numbered names.

The "Select to add a custom field" drop down menu will display your Custom Field Sets first, followed by your individual Custom Fields underneath. Once finished selecting your Field Sets or individual fields, input the appropriate information and scroll to the bottom of the  page. Click "Update Matter" to save.


If you would like to updates your custom fields so they appear on the Custom Fields tab then please see this article How Can I Update Custom Fields So That They Appear as a Group On a Matter's Custom Fields Tab?

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