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Custom Fields: Document Automation

Custom Fields can be referenced in your Document Automation templates to allow you to quickly generate letters, forms, court documents, and other material populated with additional custom information from your Matters and Contacts.

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For detailed information on how to create Matter and Contact Custom Fields, click HERE.  
Review our video on Document Automation.

Adding Custom Fields to a Document Automation Template

Once you have added some Custom Fields to a Matter or Contact card, you can find the relevant merge field tags by going to the Clio Settings panel and clicking on Documents under the System column. For quick access to the page, bookmark: 

On the Document Template Merge Fields screen, scroll down through the list of tags to find your Contact Custom Fields and Matter Custom Fields:

Contact Custom Field tags begin with  << Matter.Client.CustomField. 

Matter Custom Field tags begin with  << Matter.CustomField.

Click the clipboard icon beside the field that you want to copy then paste it into the appropriate area on your template.  

Please ensure that the Custom Field names include only alphanumeric characters (A-Z, 0-9). They cannot include any symbol such as an apostrophe (').

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