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Forwarding Emails to Matters in Clio

Important Note

If you wish to forward email communications to Clio using an email address other than the address you log into Clio with, you will need to add that email address as an alias within Clio. See the "Sending Emails to Clio with a Different Email Address" article for instructions. 


Additional Information:

Emailing Communications

You can send emails to Clio and link them to Matters and Contacts. This provides you with an archive and all firm users can quickly see relevant file emails.


Sending Emails to a Matter's Maildrop Address
Adding Maildrop Addresses as Email Contacts
Maildrop FAQ

Sending Emails to a Matter's Maildrop Address

1. Navigate to the Matter that you wish to link an email to and click on the "Communications" tab.

2. Click the dropdown arrow next to New email log and select Copy matter Maildrop address.


3. Open your email inbox

  • If you are sending an email to your client or anyone related to the matter,  Compose the email as normal and include your client's email in the To: field and also add the Maildrop email address (copied in step 2) to the Bcc: or Cc: field.
  • If you are looking to add an existing email from your email inbox into Clio, Forward the email message that you want to save into Clio paste the Maildrop email (copied in step 2) into the To: field, then send the email.

Back in Clio, you will now be able to view a record of the forwarded email message in the "Communications" tab of the appropriate Matter.

If you are filing an email thread, the header name on Communications tab will show the most recent subject from the forward email  and not the original email.


Adding Maildrop Addresses as Email Contacts

To quickly forward regular email communications related to a Matter, we suggest downloading the associated Vcard link and adding it to your contacts in your chosen email application (instructions for importing a Vcard into your email client will vary with each email provider).

  1. On the Matter, go to the Communications tab
  2. Click New log
  3. Click Learn more about Maildrop
  4. Click Download Vcard

Maildrop FAQ

What happens to documents attached to an email?  
They are stored in the Documents sub-tab of the Matter you sent your email to. There will be a new folder titled Email Attachments and all your forwarded Documents will be stored here. You can then move them or re-file them as desired. Note there is a 25MB Document limit per email.

Do I have to go to the Communications tab each time to get the "special" email address?  
No, you can click on the vCard option while you are viewing the address and save it for future use.

If the maildrop address was revealed accidentally to others, could they forward emails to Clio? 
No, Clio is designed to only recognize your own user login email and will prevent others from using the email maildrop address to link files and information to Matters.

I do use different email addresses other than the Clio email login. How can I ensure those emails get forwarded to Clio without being blocked?  
You can set up Email Aliases for the different email addresses that you want to forward emails to Clio from. Each Clio user would need to set up their own email aliases. See the "Sending Emails to Clio with a Different Email Address" article for instructions. 

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