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Removing Access to Shared Resources

As soon as you stop sharing an item through Clio Connect it is no longer available to your client or contact. However, if the contact is viewing the item in their browser at the same moment that you revoke access, they will still be able to continue viewing the item until they close or refresh their browser.


Stop Sharing Items from a Contact Card
Stop Sharing Documents
Stop Sharing Bills
Stop Sharing Matters
Deleting Contacts

Stop Sharing Items from a Contact Card

If you go to the contact card of the person and click on the Clio Connect tab. Next, you will see a list of the items you are sharing with this contact.  Click on the "Stop Sharing" link to remove their access to the item. Click OK when the warning message appears to stop sharing the resource.

Stop Sharing Documents 

Click on the "View details" quick link below the document description of the item being shared.      

Next, click on the "head bust" icon in the Document Details. 

Then click on the "⊖" button. 

Finally click "Yes". 


Stop Sharing Bills

Navigate to the appropriate bill and click on the "Clio Connect" quick link for the shared bill.

Then click on the "Stop Sharing" link.

Stop Sharing Matters

From the main "Matters" tab, click on the "Clio Connect" quick link for the shared Matter.

Once you have removed the permission to an item, the Client/Contact will no longer have access.

Deleting Contacts

When you delete a contact, access will be revoked to all items that were shared with that contact.

Navigate to the appropriate Contact Card and click the "Delete" button. 

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