How to Share a Matter via Clio Connect

You can share Matters with your co-counsel to provide them access to Contact and Matter information.   Please note your co-counsel will have access to the Matter details, Client information, Contacts tab with all of the relationships individuals may have with this Matter, Notes, Time Entries, and Communications. This is automatically shared with the Matter, so it is not recommended to share the Matter with a Client.

You can determine what Matters have already been shared by going to your main "Matters" tab and looking for the  "Shared" word beside the Matter Display number:

To share a Matter with a co-counsel via Clio Connect, click on the Clio Connect quick link:

Once you have clicked on the Clio Connect icon, you will be able to select which Contact you would like to share the Matter with, as well as add a personalized message and choose if the Contact is notified.

Once you have clicked "Share Matter" you will see a green "Go" bar notifying you it was successfully shared.  You can now add a billing rate so that the co-counsel can keep track of, and record, the time they spent working on the case. To learn more, click here

It is also in this pop-up, if you click on the Clio Connect icon again, that you will be able to remove access to the Matter by selecting "Stop Sharing".

When you have shared a Matter with a co-counsel, they will receive an email with a link to access the Matter in their Clio Connect account. The Matter share is restricted to certain information, such as the Client, Contacts, Notes, Time Entries, and Communications. Co-counsels can add Notes, Time Entries, and Communications to the Matter as needed.

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