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How Contacts Can Work with Shared Documents via Clio for Co-Counsel / Clio Connect

Shared resources presume a trusted relationship with the receiving party, and grant them the permission to download, review and modify any Document that has been shared. Modified Documents can subsequently be uploaded as a new version of the originally shared Document.

Accessing the Documents 

In the Documents tab of Clio for Co-Counsel / Clio Connect, your client will see all Documents shared with them:

The client or co-counsel can then click on the title to download the Document to their computer for viewing/editing: 

When a Client has shared a Document with you, you will see it in the Contact's Documents folder.

To upload a new document version

The client can make any changes to the editable Document and save locally. Then, the client can click the "View details" quick link:

And then select "Add New Version": 

To add a new document

From the Documents tab, click "New" and select "File Upload", then locate the file from your computer and click Open. 

Once the document has been uploaded, it will be given its own new document # number, and the Clio Connect user's name will appear as the Last Modified User.

If you want a Document to be uploaded to a specific Folder within a Matter, first select to create a Folder, and then select to share the Folder.

Add comments

Comments can be added to the document as needed. To do so, click on the "View details" quick link. Then, in the side panel, click on the chat icon:


Type your comment into the box then click "Add Comment".

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