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Overview of Clio for Co-Counsel / Clio Connect

Clio for Co-Counsel / Clio Connect is accessible via a web browser. For client communication, we recommend using Clio for Clients which is a client portal accessible from any device. You can learn more about Clio for Clients on Clio’s website.

Clio for Co-Counsel / Clio Connect is designed to offer your attorney the ability to provide you with a secure portal through which you can access specific resources, such as Documents, Tasks, Calendar events and invoices, that have been shared with you in addition to a Secure Messaging feature.

Clio for Co-Counsel / Clio Connect enables members of a firm to easily share resources and collaborate with clients, contacts, or co-counsels through a secure web-based portal (extranet). This grants clients, contacts, or co-counsels the latitude to review and contribute to relevant matter developments, and helps to mitigate associated inefficiencies related to time consuming communications.

For more information on what can be done using Clio for Co-Counsel / Clio Connect, please see the following articles, broken down by topic:

  • Bills - see here
  • Documents - see here
  • Secure Messages - see here
  • Tasks - see here
  • Calendar entries - see here
  • Matters (co-counsels only) - see here.
  • Time (co-counsels only) see here.

Do I have to pay for Clio for Co-Counsel / Clio Connect?

No!  Clio for Co-Counsel / Clio Connect is a product that your lawyer has access to by being a Clio subscriber.



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