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Creating a Clio Connect Account

You will receive an email every time your attorney shares something with you via Clio Connect. It is not recommended that this email be shared with anyone else. Sharing the email with a different address will break the connection, and a Clio Connect account will not be able to be created. The email will look like this:  If this is the first time your attorney has shared a resource with you, when you click on the first link you will be brought to this page where you can fill in your information:

Ensure all information is accurate, including Time Zone, and select "Sign Up".

Then sign in with your email and password. 

You can always return to Clio Connect, even when no new resource has been shared, by logging in at for North American clients or for European clients.

Please Note:  You cannot create a Clio Connect account unless a resource has been shared with you.  For more information on how to Share a resource using Clio Connect, please click here.  

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