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Working with Internal Messages in Clio for Co-Counsel

Clio allows for an attorney to send Internal Messages (or "Communications") to people of their firm using Clio for Co-Counsel.

Why are Clio for Co-Counsel communications better than email? Clio's communications are more secure than conventional email:  

  1. Internal Messages require a password to read
  2. Internal Messages are protected using 256 SSL encryption
  3. Internal Messages don't leave Clio's secure servers

Additionally, Internal Messages allow your attorney to better track communications with his or her cases.

Reading your unread messages

You can read a Internal Message at any time in Clio for Co-Counsel by clicking on the Communications tab.  To view the full message click on the message link or the view message option below it.

The message inbox can also be accessed by clicking on the Inbox icon from the header. All unread messages will appear in a red circle.


Replying to a message

You can reply to an Internal Message by opening the secure message:

  1. Clicking the "Reply" button (on the message detail screen after the message has been opened)
  2. Type a message in the "Add Message Communication" window
  3. Optionally attach a document
  4. Click "Send Reply"

Sending a new message

To send a new Internal Message using Clio for Co-Counsel:

  1. Click on the Communications tab
  2. Click the 'New Internal message' button
  3. Specify the recipient, the subject and the body
  4. Optionally assign a Matter reference
  5. Optionally attach a document
  6. Click "Send Message"


Printing your messages

To print a secure message click on the "Print" quick link for that message.


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