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Bill Themes - FAQ

For more information on the Anatomy of a Bill Theme, please view our Support Article here.


Time Entry
Invoice Set Up
Firm Information
Bill Information
Statement of Accounts

Time Entry

How do I separate Time and Expenses?

To separate Time and Expenses, go to Matter-Line Items-Split Time, Expenses and Products.

How do I show the sub-totals for Time and Expenses?

Go to Matter-Line Items-Show Subtotals

How do I show the Hours Total?

Go to Matter-Line Items-Show Service (Hours) Totals.

How do I show/not show the Attorney's Initials on the Invoices for services?

To show the Attorney's initials, go to Matter-Services/Combined Orderings and move the "Attorney" heading into the Showing Column (or Hidden if preferred).

How do I show/not show the Attorney's Initials for Expenses?

If you have separated the services from expenses and do not want to show the Attorney's Initials for expenses, then go to Matter-Expense Orderings and move the "Attorney" heading into the Hidden Column.

Can I show an Attorney Summary?

Yes you can.  Go to Matter - Attorney Summary-Show Attorney Summary.

Invoice Set up

How do I make the Description column bigger?

Go to Page Setup-Margins and see if you can decrease the left and right margin. Additionally, go to Page Setup-Typography and check your font size.  By decreasing your margins and font you will give more room to the text in your invoice.  You can also determine if all columns shown are needed.  See "Where are the options to show/not show each of the invoice columns" below to remove a column.

You can also show the Description on a separate line.  To do so, go to Matter-Line Items-Show Descriptions on new line.

How do I change spacing in my Theme?

There are a few areas you can modify the line spacing.  The lower the setting, the less space there will be.  For no space choose 0.00.

To set the spacing underneath the Firm Title before the firm address:  Firm Information-Title-Spacing

To set the spacing underneath client address:  Client Information-Spacing  

To set the spacing between Matter Number and Description:  Matter-Heading  

How do I show/not show the Matter Number and Description?

Go to Matter-Heading-Show Matter Number and Matter-Heading-Show Matter Description

How do I add a Header for the Bill?

Go to Header-Show Invoice Number and Header-Show Invoice Issued Date

The Header will not be displayed on the first page of the bill.

How do I change the Footer for the Bill?

Under the "Footer" heading you can modify the "Please make all amounts payable to" statement as well as add an Invoice memo that will appear on all your Invoices.

How do I remove the Page Numbering?

Go to Footer-Show Page Numbers and deselect the option.

How do I show a Remittance Slip on the Bill?

Go to Remittance Slip and enter in the information you wish to have shown.  

Where are the options to show/not show each of the invoice columns and can I change the text of each?

You can change the text of any heading in your Bill Layout by going to Localizations and then Matter.

To hide or show your columns on the bill, go to Matter-Services/Combined Orderings (If you want to change columns for services or if you have not split the time from expenses) or go to Matter-Expense Orderings (to change columns for Expenses) or Matter-Product Orderings (to change columns for Products).  From here you can drag and drop the headings in the desired location and order: 

Will the "Interest" section display on my invoice even if I have not set up the Payment Profiles to charge interest?

No.  When setting up the Bill Theme, the sample bill shows you where the Interest section will be located if you intend on applying the automated interest feature. The interest section will only appear on past due bills where you have set up your Payment Profiles to charge interest after the grace period,  and will not display on the invoices until the interest parameters have been met. To learn more about setting up interest click here. Interest_section.png

Firm Information

Where does the E-Mail, Address, Firm Name, etc.. under Firm Information-Address come from?

Go to Settings-Account Information.  This is your firm information and where everything on the invoice is pulled in from.

Bill Information

Where does the "Purchase Order" and "Invoice Subject" come from?

You can check off to show the Purchase Order and Invoice Subject by going to Invoice Information-Details.  This information is optional and is pulled in on an invoice-by-invoice basis.  If you go into a bill and click on Edit you will see these fields.  If these boxes are checked off and there is text entered in these fields, then they will appear on the bill.subject_purchase_order.png

Statement of Accounts

What is the Summary Statement and how do I show it?

The Summary Statement is a snapshot of what the client owes minus payments and amounts being held in your accounts.  It also shows the Total Amount Outstanding: 


You can choose where the Statement of Account is placed on the invoice, the title as well as what information you see by going to Statement of Accounts-Summary of Accounts.

What is the Detailed Statement of Account and how do I show it? 


The Detailed Statement of Account will show past due invoices along with any partial payments made to same and highlights the Outstanding Balance.

To show/not show the Detailed Statement of Account, go to Statement of Accounts-Detail of Accounts-Show Detailed Statement.

If you want all matters under a client to be brought forward check the box labelled "Include all clients matters".  Otherwise, if you disable this it will only show the invoices for the matter you are creating the invoice for.  

To change the text of any of the headings go to Localizations-Statement of Accounts.

What is the Client Account Information and how do I show it?

The Client Account Information shows client balances you are holding in your accounts.  

The "Account Details" shows all details of funds in and out.  To show this go to Statement of Accounts-Client Account Information-Account Details.

To change the text of any of the headings go to Localizations-Statement of Accounts. 


The "Account Summary" shows a simple summary of client funds being held.  To show this go to Statement of Accounts-Client Account Information-Account Summary: 


To hide the Client Account Information, go to Statement of Accounts-Client Account Information-Hidden. 

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