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JurisPage provides professional, mobile-ready law firm websites fully integrated with Clio. With a JurisPage-powered website, you can streamline your lead generation and collection process. Instead of having to manually copy all of your website’s contact form submissions, with JurisPage all of your contact form submissions will automatically create new client contacts in Clio.

Even if you are not looking for a full website, JurisPage offers a standalone intake form service that also integrates with Clio. With JurisIntake you can direct new and potential clients to customized, online intake forms that will automatically create a new Contact card in Clio. By using online intake to Clio, you can save time and effort while offering your clients a communication option that is both secure and convenient.

JurisPage websites are available at a number of different subscription levels. For more information on the service options available, click here.
JurisIntake is currently available on a monthly subscription. For more information about online intake forms, click here.

Connecting JurisPage to Clio
Creating a Contact Leads Form
Adding a Contact Leads Form to Your Contact Page

Connecting JurisPage to Clio

Once you have signed up for a JurisPage account and have logged in, you will be directed to the "Account" screen. To connect your JurisPage account to Clio:

  1. Click the "Leads" tab.
  2. Click "Connections" from the "Forms" menu.
  3. Click "Clio" under available connections.


Creating a Contact Leads Form

Once you have connected your JurisPage account to Clio and have set up your website as desired, you will have to create a form to collect Contact Lead information from the visitors that come to your website.

  1. Click the "Leads" tab.
  2. Click "Forms" from the "Forms" menu.
  3. Click the link found at: "You don't have any forms. Let's go create one!"


  4. Give the new form a title and description if desired.
  5. The "Form Editor" page will provide instructions on how to add fields. Click on the buttons in the "Standard Fields" and "Advanced Fields" areas to add contact information fields. At minimum, you should add fields for "First Name" Last Name", and "Email", or "Phone".

    For the "First Name" and "Last Name" fields, we suggest selecting the "Single Line Text" standard field type (you will have to click on the "Untitled" field to change the label appropriately). For the "Email" field, we suggest selecting "Email" from the advanced field types.Form_2.png

  6. Once you have updated your form fields, you will need to connect the individual fields to the related Contact fields in Clio. Still in the "Leads" tab, click on "Clio" from the "Forms" menu.
  7. If this is your first Clio feed, click the "Add New" button. Or, if you want to edit an existing form feed, hover your cursor over the form name in the list then click on the "Edit" link when it appears.


  8. On the Clio Integration page, select the form that you created from the "Gravity Form" dropdown field.
  9. In the Form Fields column, match each field that you created with the corresponding Clio Contact field.

    Note that you can also map JurisPage form fields to custom Contact fields in Clio.

  10. Scroll down the page to "Update" button and click to save the field mappings. Form_4.png

Adding a Contact Leads Form to Your Contact Page

Once you have created a Contact form and mapped each field to the corresponding Clio Contact field, you will have to add the field to your Contact web page.

On the Contact page, click on an existing "Form Sprout" or add a new Form Sprout where you would like the form to go.

  1. In the "From" dropdown field, select the name of the form that you created and mapped to Clio. Modify button styling and add custom CSS if desired.
  2. Click the "Update" button.Add_Form_1.png
  3. In the Page View, click the green "Save" button at the top of the page.
  4. To view the live form, click the "Live View" magnifying glass icon then refresh the web page.Add_Form_2.png

If you require further assistance setting up and managing your JurisPage website, click on the "Account" menu button then click on "Support". In the Support message box, type in the area of assistance that you require.


JurisPage has been a very important Clio partner ever since joining the CCC Team in September of 2013. The value of the relationship speaks for itself, as they are one of the very first Gold CCCs members! Andrew and Sam are committed to growing their company, and we are thrilled to have Clio be a major part of their business.
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