Upcoming Webinars

Our webinars allow for a Question and Answer period at the end of the session and each participant can connect to the audio using your computer's audio, or can connect via telephone (long distance charges may apply).

***Please note: Training times may vary. Unless noted otherwise, the sessions will be held on most Wednesdays at 9:00am PT / 10:00am MT / 11:00am CT / 12:00pm ET. 


Wednesday June 7th

9:00 AM PT /
10:00 AM MT /
11:00 AM CT / 12:00 PM ET
Getting Started with Clio

In this session, we'll go over the 10 basic steps to consider when starting out with Clio which will save you time and get you on the right track. This session touches on using your browser with Clio, adding other firm users, setting up bank accounts, adding your firm logo, exploring Clio's many Settings, creating Activity Descriptions, sharing your calendar, creating the look of your invoices, setting up contacts and clients, and adding your cases.

  • Users and Permissions
  • Firm Logo and information
  • Setting up User Rates
  • Configuring your Firm settings
  • Setting up Bank Accounts
  • Creating Contacts
  • Creating Matters
  • Bringing forward previous Trust and client balances
Thursday June 8th

10:00 AM PT /
11:00 AM MT /
12:00 PM CT / 1:00 PM ET
Getting Started with Clio

Welcome to Clio! This training webinar will cover the core fundamentals of Clio: Contact and Matter Management, Activities (Time/Expenses), Billing, and Navigation tips. Ahead of this session, please review the “5 Steps to Setup your Account for Success” video and document. New to Clio? Need a refresher? Want to train a new employee? This training webinar is a perfect opportunity for you to efficiently become acclimated with Clio. Included as a follow up with this webinar will be a step by step PDF guide, as well as a link to a previously recorded training webinar for future reference.

Wednesday June 14th

9:00 AM PT /
10:00 AM MT /
11:00 AM CT / 12:00 PM ET
Overview Webinar

Whether you're new to Clio, or simply looking for a quick refresher, the introductory Overview Webinar offers a full overview of the various features and capabilities of Clio to help users understand the many ways Clio can help to simplify practice management.

  • Adding a new contact
  • Adding a new matter
  • Retainers
  • Adding time and expense activities
  • Adding documents
  • Sharing resources via Clio Connect
  • Reports
  • Generating invoices
Wednesday June 21st

9:00 AM PT /
10:00 AM MT /
11:00 AM CT / 12:00 PM ET
Basics of Billing

In this session, we will explore your bill settings and general invoicing; including how to apply payments, discounts, and write-offs. (Please note - Bill Themes will be discussed generally but for an in-depth overview of Bill Themes and customizing your bills, please see the "Beautiful Bills: Exploring Clio's Flexible Bill Themes to Create Invoices That Beautifully Reflect Your Brand")

  • Bill Settings
  • Bill Themes
  • Bill Generation
  • Quick Bill
  • Edit Bills
  • Discounts, Credit Notes, Write-Offs
Wednesday June 28th

9:00 AM PT /
10:00 AM MT /
11:00 AM CT / 12:00 PM ET
Advanced Billing

In this session, we'll review some advanced bill settings including Payment Profiles and Interest Calculations, Applying Write-Offs, Statements of Accounts and generating a Quick Bill when you're crunched for time.

  • Set up Payment Profiles
  • Including Interest and Early Payment Discounts
  • How to enable and use UTBMS Codes
  • Generating and Editing Invoices
  • Applying Payments, Discounts and Write Offs
  • Creating Statements of Account
Wednesday July 5th

9:00 AM PT /
10:00 AM MT /
11:00 AM CT / 12:00 PM ET
Document Automation

In the Document Automation - Creating Workable Templates webinar we walk through the basics of how to take an existing template and populate it with fields that will automatically pull information from your Clio account. Templates can be used to automate letters, contracts, and other common documents your firm works with to help you save time. Save time by taking advantage of tools already available to you.

  • Merge Fields
  • Custom Fields
  • Templates
  • Categories
  • Generating Documents
  • Adding Time

Missed the Webinar or scheduling conflict?  You can view a previously recorded Webinar!