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User Permissions

There are various places that you can grant access to or give permissions in Clio. But several are located in the User Settings.

To find this go to Settings, then click on "Manage Users". Now you will see the users in your Clio account and their permission levels:

To change the permissions of a user, click on the "Edit" link under their name. When you do, you will see a screen that will allow you to give and take away permissions:

Types of Permissions

Administrator - An Administrator can make any changes in Clio in the Settings menu. For example, the Administrator user can activate Document integrations. By default, the Administrator also has access to modify permissions for other users. For a full listing of everything an Administrator can do vs. a user, please click here.

Accounts - The user can see the Accounts tab on the side of Clio, and the Transactions tab within Contacts and Matters. The user will be able to add Trust and Operating Account information and add debits and credits. A user without Accounts permissions does have the ability to accept Bill Payments from within the Bills tab, provided that user does have Billing permissions.

Reports - The user can see the Reports tab on the side of Clio, and will be able to create Reports.

Billing - The user can see the Bills tab on the side of Clio, and the Bills tab within Contacts and Matters. The user will also be able to edit and create invoices, in addition to receiving payments on invoices. Credit card payment notification emails will be sent to this user. If you would like to determine permissions around Time Entry visibility, please click here.

Please note: 

  • All Contacts are visible no matter the permissions level. 
  • As long as  Matter is set to "everyone" permissions, the user will have access to that Matter and the Documents that are associated and linked with it.  For more information on Matter permissions, click here.

Other Types of Access

You can also grant or remove permissions across multiple individuals at one time by accessing the main Permissions page. To do so, first access Settings. Then, on the left hand side under System, click on "Groups, Permissions, and Job Titles". Then click on "Permissions" at the upper left. On this page you will see the ability to add or remove permissions for all users. Any selection made will automatically save.

You can also grant a user access and permission levels to your calendar. By default, no other user sees your calendar until you do so. For instructions, please click here.

Additionally you can grant or block access to Matters in Clio. For more information on that, click here.

For information on the permissions around Exports, click here.

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