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Introduction to Text Snippets

Clio's Text Snippets feature allows you to create a list of pre-defined abbreviations for commonly used phrases. Entering one of these abbreviations in fields including, but not limited to, Matter Description, Note Detail, Calendar Entry Description, and Task Description, results in the abbreviation being automatically and instantly replaced with the phrase - no more endlessly typing "Meeting with client".

How do I configure it?

Text Snippets are configured per user by visiting the Settings page and clicking on "Text Snippets".

As shown below, this page allows you to enable or disable Text Snippets as well as add to, delete or edit the Snippets active on your account.

**Please note Text Snippets are unique to the user/account and are not firm wide**

How do I use it?

With Text Snippets enabled on your account, simply type one of the abbreviations into a text entry field in Clio - in the Description field for a task, for example, or in the Note for a time entry or expense. Text snippets will work in the following fields and are case sensitive:

  • Matters: Description (when creating a new matter or editing an existing one)
  • Transactions: Description (found in Matter and Accounts)
  • Notes: Subject and Detail (found in Matter and Timekeeping)
  • Tasks: Name and Description
  • Expense Entries: Description
  • Time Entries: Note
  • Bill Payments: Description field in the 'Add Bill Payment' window
  • Calendar Entries: Summary, Location, and Description
  • Communications: Subject and Body in all types (Phone Call, Email, Secure Message)

Notes: Snippet is limited to 24 characters, Phrase is limited to 255 characters

Whole Word Option

When you create a new Text Snippet you will see a box to enable "Whole Word"
What this means is that you would have to type the snippet and then hit the space bar on your keyboard in order to have the word or phrase fill in. This is useful to prevent Text Snippet phrases from populating until desired. For example, if you are trying to type 'achievement', and whole word is not on, the 'ach' will turn in to 'attend court hearing'.
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