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Task Lists: Creating and Managing Templates

With Task Lists, you can create groups of templates for the tasks that you work on most often. Each Task in a list can be given a separate Due Date in relation to the other Tasks in the list. You can then assign those tasks individually to any Firm User, or you can batch assign an entire list. 

Creating a Task List
Adding Task Templates to the Task List
Editing a Task Template

Creating a Task List

To Create a Task Template List,  go to "Tasks" then to "Task lists"  and click on the "Add" button.  

In the Add List Template window, give the list a name, brief description, and practice area, then click "Save List Template". 


Adding Task Templates to the Task List tasks

In the List view, click on the list name to open it. 


With the list open, click the "Add" button to create a new Task Template. +

Add Task Template Form

  1. Task Name: Specify what the Task is called or what is entailed (Mandatory field)
  2. Description: A large area to write more complete details of the Task (Optional field)
  3. Assignee: This is the Firm User that the Task will be assigned to. "Use List Assignee" indicates that you will choose an Assignee for the Task List when it is assigned.
  4. Permissions (Lock Icon): Tasks can be "Public" which are shared firm wide, or "Private" - which are only viewable by Assignee and Account Admins.
  5. Due in: Leave the "Due in" box unchecked to use the Due Date specified when the Task List is assigned. Or, check the "Due in" box to specify a Due Date in relation to the Assignment Date or other Tasks in the list. 
    Note that for the first Task in a list, you can only have a "Due in" date in relation to the "Assignment Date".  This date relationship can be changed by editing the template after other Tasks have been added to the list.
    For more information, see Understanding Task Dependencies
  6. Priority: You can indicate whether the Task is a High, Medium, or Low Priority.
  7. Task type: Drop down of task types you have created
  8. Time Estimate: The amount of time effort; can be in hourly, minute or combination
  9. Add Reminder: Add an Email or Popup Task Reminder if desired.
  10. Save Buttons: When you have updated all fields, click the "Save Task Template" button to save and close the window or click "Save & Add Another" to save and refresh the window. Screen_Shot_2021-08-02_at_1.00.51_PM.png

Editing a Task Template

To change the Assignee, Priority, Permissions, or due date relationship of a Task Template, click the "Edit" link below the Task name. 


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