Google Sync FAQ

What if my Calendar Sync becomes disconnected?

If the sync becomes disconnected it is likely because of a password change in Google. Select to reconnect the sync, and re-authorize the connection with your updated password.

Do I need to have a Google Apps account in order to use Clio Sync for Google?

No, you can use Clio Sync for Google with Google Apps or with GMail.

How often does the sync occur?  

Updates made to Clio will be reflected in Google within 60 minutes as the sync is performed at set intervals. Changes made in Clio or in Google will be reflected within 30 minutes of the other Calendar. Please note that the initial sync can take up to 24 hrs to complete depending on the amount of information that needs to be processed.

Do I see synced items in my Clio calendar automatically?

Yes, although if you have added, removed, or updated calendar items in Google since last loading your Clio calendar, you may need to perform a refresh to see the most up-to-date information. To do so, click on the refresh button to update your Clio calendar:

The sync between Clio and Google is Bi-Directional. This means that if an item is deleted in Clio, it will be deleted in Google, and if an item is deleted in Google it will be removed from Clio.

What happens if I unlink my calendar from the Google Sync screen?

It just stops syncing; the state of your Google calendars and Clio calendars will remain unaffected by each other after disconnection.

Who can sync the Firm Calendar?

At this time, the Firm calendar can only be synced by the Originating Subscriber

If I change my primary e-mail in Clio does this affect my Clio Sync for Contacts or Calendar?

No, it does not.  A change in e-mail however does affect your Google Apps Integration as they must be the same for the single sign-in.

Why can't I make changes to the calendar entries in Google?

You can only make changes to calendar items where you are the creator.  If you are an attendee then you will see the calendar appointment but you can not make changes to it.

Ok, how do I know who is the creator of a Firm Appointment?

Check the Calendar box for the person listed as the creator.

For more information on the sync between Clio and Google for Calendars, see this Support Article.

For more information on the sync between Clio and Google for Contacts, see this Support Article.

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