Detail Levels Upon Bill Generation

When generating a new bill, the select "Detail level" dialog presents users with three possible billing options: Aggregate, Summary and All-detail. The difference between these various methods is detailed as follows:

  • Aggregate: this method condenses all activities in association with a particular bill into a single line-item annotated by default as “Services rendered”. For conciseness and simplicity, this billing option is ideal. 
  • Summary:  this method condenses all similar activities (as determined by activity description) in association with a particular bill into a several aggregate line-items. This billing option is appropriate when it is desired to provide clients with a distribution of time allocated by class, but where conciseness and simplicity is still preferred.
  • All-detail:  this method displays each activity in association with a particular bill as a separate line item. This billing option is preferred by most practitioners, and is ideal for providing clients with the greatest amount of bill precision and transparency.


We are going to enter 5 time entries using 3 Activity Descriptions as follows:

After generating a new bill, you will see below a snapshot of how each bill would look depending on the detail level chosen.  Please note your Bill Theme will affect the visual appearance so it may not look exactly the same.

All Details:

All items in separate lines.

Activity Summary:

All items that are part of the same Activity Description are grouped together.


All line items are put together in a single entry. 

See "How do I create a Bill?" for more information.

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