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Adding and Removing Line Items Directly on a Bill

When an invoice is in the "Draft" or "Pending Approval" state you will be able to edit, add, and remove line items that appear on the invoice. You can have the same options on "Approved" bills if you allow editing of approved bills.

For more information about editing bills, see the "Editing Bills" article. 


Adding Line Items
Updating the Original Record
Removing Line Items
Adding or Removing Line Items from Bills in the Awaiting Payment State

Draft and Pending Approval States

When Bills are in the "Draft" or "Pending Approval" state you are able to add and remove items. To do so, open the Bill on your screen and click Edit in the top-right corner of the screen.

Adding Line Items

To add a line item, click the Add time or Add expense in the top-right corner of the screen.

Enter the details about the entry and then click Save.

The new line item is now displayed on the bill.

When you're finished, click Save invoice at the bottom-left of the screen.

Updating the Original Record

When editing a bill, you can choose whether or not you want additions to result in a new activity in Clio (outside of this bill), or whether you want the new line item to exist only on the invoice (and nowhere else in Clio). The same goes for edits.

By default, the "Update records" option is turned on. This means that any edit or addition done on the bill will also be reflected on the Activities section of the Matter in Clio. If you want edits and additions to only exist on the bill, you can de-select this option.

Deletions done on bills will never result in the Activity being completely deleted from Clio. Activities can be removed either on the main Activities page, or on the Activities page within the Matter. For details, click here.

Toggle the "Update records" option by clicking the checkbox in the top-left corner.

Removing Line Items

To remove a line item from the bill, click Remove under the Actions column.

This will return the line item to the Matter in an unbilled state where it can be billed for in the future.

If you want to completely delete the line item, you can delete it from the Activities page in Clio.

Adding or Removing Line Items from Bills in the Awaiting Payment State

When Bills are in the "Awaiting Payment" state there are no options for adding or removing line items as this bill is considered Approved and may have been sent to the client.

If you need to add additional items to this bill, you have two options:

  1. Note the contents of the bill in question (we suggest saving a PDF) then Void the bill. You will then be able to regenerate a new Draft bill for that Matter and edit the content and line items to match the original, voided bill. 
    Note: any discounts or edits made to the original bill will be lost, thus the importance of saving a copy of the original bill.
  2. Clio administrators can enable the ability to allow editing of approved bills, including the ability to add and remove line items. For details, see the "Editing Bills" article. 


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