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How to Override the Default Bill Numbering Scheme


  • Can I override the default bill numbering scheme?
  • Can I re-number a voided bill?
  • Need to re-number a voided bill that is higher numbering than the other bills


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Additional Information:

  • For more information on overriding bill numbers if a bill is voided please click here

To do so, create one bill.  Then go into the bill and click on "Edit".  Now, change the Invoice ID number:override_default_invoice_number_scheme.png

With each newly generated bill, Clio will attempt to automatically increment the previous bill number generated by the firm by a unit of one.  Please note that while you can change the bill number to be lower than your current invoices' highest number, the following invoice generated will continue increasing in number from the highest invoice.

For example, if you have generated 50 invoices, and you renumber an invoice to be number 40, the following invoice generated will be 51.

If you have generated 50 invoices, and you renumber an invoice to be number 60, the following number generated will be 61.

Keep in mind, if you have a bill that is "Voided", Clio will still take that Bill ID number into consideration. If a Voided Bill holds the highest number in your system and you need to reduce it to a lower number, please call Support at 1-888-858-2546 option 2. 

Renumbering invoices can allow you to depart from the typical scheme to create one-off changes. For example, on the following invoice we have changed the invoice number to be a phrase.

Once saved, we will see the invoice has been updated.

The following invoice will continue on the original numbering scheme. 

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