Fujitsu ScanSnap Integration (Mac)

For instructions integrating the PC version of ScanSnap, click here.

Please Note: You must have Mac OSX 10.7 or higher to use this integration.

Here's how to setup ScanSnap and start Scanning to Clio:

  1. If you haven't already, install the ScanSnap software that comes with your printer onto your computer. The ScanSnap Manager appears in your Dock.
  2. Download the Clio Uploader For Mac, open it and install the .dmg file.
  3. Once selecting to install, you will receive an External Protocol Request. In this window, select Launch Application.
  4. Click Install. After Install, if you select "Open" you will receive an error. This is because the Clio Uploader is a plug-in rather than a full program.

  5. Open the ScanSnap Manager, click "Scansnap Manager", and then "Settings:" 

  6. If the Quick Menu is selected, de-select it.
  7. Go to "Add Profile" and name the new one Scan to Clio.


  8. Name your profile, and click "OK".


  9. Select the Application tab, and then click "Add or Remove," and then "Browse" to find the Clio Uploader.


  10. From the Applications folder, highlight "Clio Uploader" and click "Choose."


  11. Name the application, for example: "Clio Uploader."


  12. Click "OK" to return to the "Add/Remove" window, and then click "Close."
  13. In the ScanSnap Manager, under the Application tab, select "Clio Uploader" from the dropdown.


  14. Click "Apply."
  15. Left click ScanSnap Manager icon and Scan to Clio!


  16. Put the paper you wish to scan in the scanner according to the instructions, and press the button to start the scan (for more information on how to scan, please see the Fujitsu website for manuals on the different models they offer:
  17. When the scan is complete, you're prompted to login with your Clio credentials. Do note that there is a Region Select option at the top of this image. Please select your appropriate region, along with inputting your login credentials:

  18. Add a Description, Reference (which is the Matter Number) and select the appropriate Category:

  19. Click the "Upload" button.
  20. When you see the confirmation, click "Close:"

    Now the document resides in Clio, and is already attached to the appropriate Matter.