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Documents: Uploading Large Files to Clio

A fantastic feature of Clio is that we do not impose a formal storage limit on documents. Users can upload all their documents to Clio and link them to their matters.

Key Points:

  • The per-file limit for a document upload is 10 GB. 
  • You can upload any type of document you wish:  Word, PDF, jpeg, audio, video and others as long as it is not greater than 10 GB.

What are the workarounds for files larger than 10 GB?

There are a couple of different options available:
  • Try zipping or compressing the file. If the zipped file is smaller than 10 GB it can be uploaded to Clio.
  • If you have a Dropbox account that allows you to upload files greater than 10 GB, you can store your larger files in Dropbox and take advantage of Clio's Dropbox integration which will allow you to access those larger files within Clio.

How do I learn more about zipping documents?

You can research what a zipped file is over the internet, such as this article.  The choice of what program to use (or to zip at all) is up to the user.

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