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Documents: Uploading Large Files to Clio

A fantastic feature of Clio is that we do not impose a formal storage limit on documents.  So users can upload all their documents to Clio and link them to their matters.

Key Points:

  • The per-file limit for a document upload is 1 GB. 
  • You can upload any type of document you wish:  Word, PDF, jpeg, audio, video and others as long as it is not greater than 1 GB.

What are the workarounds for files larger than 1 GB?

There are a couple of different options available:
  • Try zipping or compressing the file. If the zipped file is smaller than 1 GB it can be uploaded to Clio.
  • If you have a Dropbox account that allows you to upload files greater than 1 GB, you can store your larger files in Dropbox and take advantage of Clio's Dropbox integration which will allow you to access those larger files within Clio.

How do I learn more about zipping documents?

You can research what a zipped file is over the internet, such as this article.  The choice of what program to use (or to zip at all) is up to the user.