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Task Lists: Assigning Task Lists

From the Task Lists section, Task Templates can be assigned to users and Matters individually or as a list. Individual Tasks can be assigned to individual users. Similarly, Task Lists can be assigned to one user, but individual Tasks inside that list can be assigned to separate users.

Assigning an Individual Task Template
Assigning a Task List 
Assigning a Task List without a Matter 

Assigning an Individual Task Template 

To assign an individual Task Template to a Firm User, Contact or Matter, go to "Tasks" then "Task lists"; and click on the list name that you want to assign.  

In the Task Templates list, click "Assign" below the Task to individually assign it to a Firm User, Contact, or Matter.  


Assign Task from Template Form

  1. Task Name: Specify what the Task is called or what is entailed (Mandatory field)
  2. Description: A large area to write more complete details of the Task (Optional field)
  3. Assignee: This is the user that the Task will be assigned to. 
    Clicking on "Firm User" and selecting "Contacts" will allow you to assign the Task to a Contact through Clio Connect.
  4. Permissions (Lock Icon): Tasks can be "Public" which are shared firm wide, or "Private" - which are only viewable by Assignee and Account Admins.
  5. Priority: You can indicate whether the Task is a High, Medium, or Low Priority.
  6. Matter: Start typing the matter number or client name and then choose the appropriate Matter from the dropdown.
  7. Notifications: When assigning a task to another user, you can opt to send the assignee a notification email and/or receive one in your inbox upon completion of the task.
  8. Add a Reminder: Add an Email or Popup Task Reminder if desired.
  9. Due at/Due in: Select a date due by clicking in this field.
    If you specify a Matter that has Tasks already assigned, the "Due in" option will become available. Clicking the "Due in" option will allow you to set a due date in relation to other Tasks. 
    For more information, see Understanding Task Dependencies
  10. Save Buttons: When you have updated all fields, click the "Save Task" button to save and close the window or click "Save & Add Another" to assign the same task to another User or Matter. 


Assigning a Task List 

To assign an entire Task List, click on the "Assign task list" button. 


 In the Assign task list window, you have the option to change the list Assignee, you can change the Trigger date, and you can optionally select a Matter to apply the Task List to. 


Understanding Assignee Options

The options that you see in the Assignee field will be determined by the Assignees of each Task Template in the list. 

Scenario 1 — If all of the Tasks in the list are assigned to a Firm User, the Assignee field will default to "Use Template Assignees". You can click the Assignee dropdown to override all Template Assignees with the selected Firm User. 

Scenario 2 — If one or more of the Tasks in the list is assigned to "Use List Assignee", you will be required to select a Firm User in the Assignee dropdown. The selected User will only replace the Assignee on Templates where "Use List Assignee" is present. Check the box beside "Replace all assignees in the list" to override all Template Assignees with the selected Firm User.

  Assignee Scenario 1

  Assignee Scenario 2

Screen_Shot_2022-01-24_at_11.34.44_AM.png Screen_Shot_2022-01-24_at_11.35.14_AM.png


Assigning a Task List without a Matter 

You still can assign a task list without a matter. However, it is important to note that when a task list is assigned without a matter, the relative due dates connected will get affected . After assigning a task list, if you would like to edit the task dates in the future, the tasks with relative due dates will not adjust accordingly, affecting your entire workflow.


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