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Click To File for Clio

Click to File for Clio offers 3 products to save you time and make your job easier:

Click to File for Outlook (PC Only) is a downloadable application that allows you to file emails directly from Outlook to your Matters in Clio.

Click to File for Mac Mail (Mac Only) works in a similar manner to its Outlook counterpart by allowing you to file emails from Mac Mail directly to your Matters in Clio. More information on set-up for Mac can be read here.

Click to File Timer installs on Windows PCs and tracks time while you work. Quickly assign Matter numbers to your time entries and they will be saved directly in Clio. 

Once you have installed your chosen Click to File application, you will have to authorize the application to have access to your Clio account. The steps for connecting with Clio will depend on your chosen application. For more information, please contact Click to File Support.

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