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gUnify (a Vonage Company) - Broadsoft Plugin

The Vonage gUnify Connector for Clio is a cloud-based solution for Clio users whose hosted VOIP provider runs on the BroadWorks platform. The application automatically logs all incoming and outgoing call data, captures the user’s call notes, and exports this information in real-time to Clio into a contact's communication tab with the option to associate the call to a matter as well.

Note: You must have a valid installation key in order to use the features of this extension. Installation keys can be obtained from Vonage or your VOIP Service Provider running on the BroadWorks platform.


  1. Google Chrome Browser – Release v25.0 or higher.
  2. VoIP Services with a provider using the BroadWorks Platform (i.e. Vonage)
  3. Clio Account


Set up
Using gUnify Clio Connector
Tracking the Call
Communications Tab
Matter's Time Entry

Set up

Once you have the installation key, download the applicable application. In this example we are using the Alteva's VOIP Service provider;


Next go to the Chrome Store and search for the extension gUnify Clio Connector;


Add the gUnify Clio Connector;


A small gU icon will appear to the right of your Google Chrome URL bar. Click on the icon and select Main Page, then sign in to your gUnify account;

Click to install the plugin;


A small window will pop up, asking you to sign in to your Clio account. After you have signed in,  it will ask if you would like to connect with Clio. Click "ALLOW ACCESS".

After allowing access, you will be prompted to register and, at this point, you will need to provide a confirmation code:


To access your confirmation code, log into Vonage and access the Admin Panel. Click Manage Settings in the Billing tab followed by add/manage extensions/integration. Select Clio which will automatically send you an email with your confirmation code. 

After you connect to Clio, you will be taken back to the Plugins page. The next step is to sync your Clio contacts. Click Sync.


You will receive email confirming that your contacts have been synced. Once received , you can then begin using the gUnify Clio Connector!

Using gUnify Clio Connector

Once installed, you'll notice that your contacts phone numbers will have a green phone icon in front of the numbers from the Clio Contacts tab. Click on the number you want to dial and connect the call through the BroadSoft Service Provider;


Click OK on the pop-up to confirm that you want to call that number;


Choose if you want a video during the call, no video, or stop the call by clicking on the appropriate icons;.


Once the calls are connected, you'll see a screen pop-up indicating that the call is in progress via your BroadSoft Service Provider. To end the call, click on the red phone receiver icon or just end the call on your phone;


The gUnify plugin window will also open indicating that the call is in progress. To log the call back to Clio, click on "Open call log window". Automatically log all incoming and outgoing calls from Broadworks to Clio via the "Open call log window".


Tracking the Call

From the Click to Call window, the caller id or outgoing phone number is matched to a Clio Contact. Calls can also be associated to a Matter related to the matching contact, and in doing so you can automatically have a time event added to the Matter in Clio.

Easy to use call tagging and note taking for all inbound/outbound calls will be exported to Clio Contact's communications tab. Click Save when form is completed.


Communications Tab

The newly saved time entry will be recorded as a phone call in the contact's Communications tab, and all notes and tracking tags will be visible.

You can record a time entry from the phone call if you had not previously matched a Matter number in the Click to Call window.

Matter's Time Entry

The extension automatically creates time entries based on call duration and the following rate hierarchy: User rate, Activity description if selected, or Matter rate if applicable. This extension is a must have for law firms needing to track billable calls to and from clients down to the minute automatically. The best part about it is that once the extension has been installed and activated, calls are logged to Clio regardless if the call was made via click to call using the extension or out of the office through your Broadsoft Mobilelink application on your smartphone. With this extension, users no longer have to remember how long they spent on the phone with clients making reporting and billing more accurate, and significantly increasing user productivity.

If the Matter's reference number had been indicated while in the "Click to Call" window, the time entry will be recorded in the Matter's time tab and will be ready to be billed.

For more information on gUnify including pricing please see click here.

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