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QuickBooks Online: Using the QuickBooks Online Integration

After you have set up the integration by following the instructions here, you will now have a bi-directional sync of your Contacts in Clio to QuickBooks Online and a one-way sync of your Bills and Payments from Clio to QuickBooks Online. It can take up to 24 hours for the initial sync to complete, but the sync will occur periodically every five minutes.


Troubleshooting - Re-syncing Invoices, Contacts, Payments and Credit Notes


Only your Clio Contacts with Approved invoices (in Awaiting Payment) will be synced with QuickBooks Online. Personal Contacts that have no invoices will not be synced over to QuickBooks Online.

When you first sync your Clio account to QuickBooks Online, the sync will look for a match between Contact names and email addresses. When a match is found, the Contacts are linked. Any changes or additions to Contact information will be synced between the two applications. When Contacts are transferred to QuickBooks Online from Clio you will see your client's name followed by "Clio" and a custom ID number.


Any Contacts that exist in QuickBooks Online but not in Clio will not be brought over to Clio.

Phone Numbers

Phone numbers in Clio and QuickBooks Online will be matched up as follows:

Clio   QuickBooks Online
Phone (Primary)  >  Phone
Phone (Mobile)  >  Mobile
Phone (Home)  >  Other
Phone (Fax)  > Fax

Email Addresses

While Clio supports multiple email addresses, QuickBooks Online only supports one email address. The email address that is specified as "Primary" in Clio will be linked to the email field in QuickBooks Online. 

Mailing Addresses

Addresses in Clio and QuickBooks Online will be matched up as follows:

Clio   QuickBooks Online
Address (Work)  >  Shipping Address
Address (Billing)  >  Billing Address





Edits to Contacts

You can edit the information in either Clio or QuickBooks Online and it will reflect in the other. Please note it can take up to five minutes for the sync to occur.


When you sync your Bills from Clio to QuickBooks Online, all of your Approved Bills in Clio will show on the "Sales" page in QuickBooks Online. This is also where you will find any payments and credit notes applied to your Bills in Clio.


Editing Invoices

To edit an invoice, you must do so in Clio - this will be overwritten the next time the integration syncs. Any changes to invoices in QuickBooks Online will not be reflected back to the Clio invoice as the Quickbooks sync is not bidirectional. 

Applying Payments

Payments made on an invoice in Clio will appear in QuickBooks Online connected to the associated invoice. In order to remove a payment from a bill that is synced to QuickBooks, you would need to delete the payment in both Clio and QuickBooks Online separately.

Payments made on an invoice in QuickBooks Online will NOT be reflected back in Clio. Similarly, deleting or editing a payment in QuickBooks Online will NOT delete/edit the payment back in Clio.


The QuickBooks Online Trust Sync automatically exports movements of trust funds from Clio. This includes:

  • Manual additions or subtractions of trust funds
  • Matter to Matter transfers of trust funds
  • Payments made to Trust Requests
  • Payments on Revenue Bills from a trust account
  • Edits to any of these transactions

To use the QuickBooks Online Trust Sync, simply enter these transactions in Clio. These transactions will sync to the trust bank and liability accounts that you specified when setting up the sync.


Troubleshooting - Re-syncing Invoices, Contacts, Payments and Credit Notes

There are a number of reasons why the connection between your Clio Contacts, invoices, or payments and their QuickBooks Online counterparts may break [including a manual deletion of the synced item in QuickBooks Online]. If a previously synced item in QuickBooks Online ever loses its link to Clio, you will see a notification in the "Sync Status" of the "Bill Syncing" settings page in Clio. To re-establish the sync between Clio and QuickBooks Online for that item, click the accompanying "re-sync" link.

Please note: Not all errors from the QuickBooks Online Sync offer the option to re-sync. If this button is not available, you can search for the error code in our Help Center to find the solution to the error.  


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