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QuickBooks Desktop: Exporting Reimbursable Expenses from Clio to QuickBooks Desktop

Law Firms will often need to enter a paid client expense and get reimbursement at a later time. The following are instructions on how to enter your reimbursable expenses through QuickBooks and Clio so as to prevent double billing.

The way to do this in QuickBooks is to write the check but do not bill the item. After you've done this, go into Clio and enter the expense as per normal.  When you send out the bill to the client from Clio it will have the expense on it and will be reimbursed that way.

With exports, when you export the bills from Clio, this will include the expense item, and it will be entered into QuickBooks via this export. The one currently in QuickBooks is not flagged to be reimbursed, so it will still only result in one item that needs to be reimbursed.

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Create your expense within Quickbooks per normal and clear the billable flag.

  2. Enter the expense in Clio associating within the matter/client that the expense is for.


  3. Generate Invoice.
  4. Perform your export of bills from Clio to QuickBooks.
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