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Setting Practice Performance Targets

Your Practice Performance targets are used to calculate your Performance metrics graphs on your Dashboard. These are personal goals displaying your billable entries against your personal targets.

You can modify your targets by going to Settings, and under the Clio Settings column click on Practice. This will bring you to the Practice Performance page: 

Next, enter in your metrics which will be used for the graph collection.

Default Billing Rate should match your User Rate. This is the rate that is used for the majority of entered time.

Target Billings will be how much you want to earn over the year.

Working Days is used to calculate how many billing hours per working day you need to reach your target billings goal. A five day work week is 260 working days per year.

Fiscal Year End allows you to choose the end of your fiscal year adjusting this date will modify how your Detailed Annual Report reflects. After inputting your information, click "Save Practice Information":  


You can also access the Practice Performance page by clicking on the gear icon on your Billable Hours Target widget on the Dashboard page.


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