Entering Disbursements in Clio

In Clio, Disbursements are referred to as "Expenses" and you are able to create Disbursements in several areas of Clio.

To enter a Disbursement from the Activities page:

  1. Access the Activities page
  2. Navigate to the Expenses sub-tab
  3. Click on the green "Add" button.

You can also enter Disbursements from the page of a Matter, which will pre-populate the Matter field for the Disbursement. To do so, go to the Matter detail page and click on the "Expenses" sub-tab, then click on the "Add" button.

In the Add Expense Entry window, you will find the following fields:

  1. Matter: Entering the Disbursement from the Matter page, this field will already be populated if within a Matter, but if adding from the Activities tab this field will be blank
  2. User: Select the User in the Firm who is creating the Disbursement (this will default to the active User)
  3. Date: This will show the current date automatically, but you may choose to enter the Date that the Disbursement was created
  4. Expense Code (optional): This field is where you will select a relevant UTBMS code (provided that you have this feature enabled)
  5. Amount: Enter the Amount of the Disbursement
  6. Note: Add a Description of the Disbursement here

To change the wording from "Expenses" to "Disbursements" on your Invoices, please check out our Support article on the topic here

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