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Creating and Updating the Matter Numbering Scheme

In Clio, Matters are organized and referred to by their Matter Number. The Matter Number can also contain non-number options such as the client's name, the Matter description, and the year, in addition to a number. For example, the default Clio Matter numbering and naming scheme includes a firm-wide Matter number as well as the client's name. In this article, we will give a general overview of Matter numbering options, as well as cover how to update your Matter numbering settings.


Creating a Matter Numbering Scheme
Manual Matter Numbering
Matter Number Override
Frequently Asked Questions

Note: If you simply need to refresh the Matter Number to reflect changes made to the Client Contact (such as correcting the spelling of their name), please follow the steps listed here: How to Update a Matter Name/Number


For new Clio accounts, the default Matter number and naming scheme is: 

[Matter number] - [Client summary name]

  • Matter numbers start at 00001
  • Client summary name refers to the Last Name for person clients or Company Name for company clients.

If you would like to change the Matter number/naming scheme, you can do so in the Clio Settings

Please note: You must have admin access in Clio in order to make changes to the Matter Numbering Scheme.

Go to the Clio Settings panel and click on "Firm Preferences" in the Clio Settings column. On the Firm Preferences Settings screen, click on the "Matter Numbering" sub-tab.


Creating a Matter Numbering Scheme

To create your Matter number/naming scheme, start by selecting one of the templates then customize as desired.



Preset 1: [Matter number]
Example: 00001

Preset 2: [Open date year] - [Matter number]
Example: 2016-00001

Preset 3: [Open date year] - [Open date month] - [Matter number]
Example: 2016-06-00001

To remove a field in a template, click on the X at the right of the field.


New fields can be added to the end of what is currently showing in the customization area.

To add a field to your number/naming scheme:

  1. Click in the customization box
  2. Select the field you want to add from the "Customize with additional fields" dropdown
  3. Select additional options if provided
  4. Click "Add"


Available Customization Fields

  • Client Number - This number is based on the order you created Contacts in Clio (First Contact is number 1 and so on). Note that every Contact you create in Clio is assigned a Client Number even if you do not specifically link them as a client to a Matter
  • Client's First Name - First name of a client (person); field is blank if the client is a company
  • Client's Last Name - Last name of a client (person); company name if the client is a company
  • Client's Summary Name - Last name of a client (person); first name if the client has no last name; company name if the client is a company
  • Matter Description - The description as entered on the Matter in Clio
  • Matter Number (Firm-wide) - One number sequence for all Matters
  • Matter Number (Per Client) - Matter numbers for each client begin at 00001
  • Matter Number (Per Year) - Firm wide Matter number sequence returns to 00001 each year
  • Month - The open date month of the Matter
  • Year (2 digits) - The open date year (truncated to two digits)
  • Year (4 digits) - The open date year

You can also type static text directly into the customization area if you want that text to appear in all of your Matter names. Hit "Enter" on your keyboard once typing in your custom text.


Applying the Matter Number and Naming Scheme

Once you have set up your Matter name, you can choose to update the Matter name and number existing Matters.

  1. Check the "Update all existing Matters to reflect new numbering scheme" box
  2. Click the "Update Settings" button


Manual Matter Numbering

If you would prefer to specify the Matter number/naming scheme manually for each Matter:

  1. Select the "Manual for each Matter" template
  2. Click "Update Settings"


You must now enter in the desired Matter name or number whenever you create a new Matter.


Matter Number Override

You can change the number of a specific Matter by opening the "Matter Number Override" box.


Enter the Matter name into the "Matter" field and the new number in the "New Matter Number" field. Click "Update".


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I change the Matter number/name for just a single Matter?

To change the Matter number/name for a single Matter, follow these steps:

  1. On the Matter Number settings screen, note your current Matter numbering scheme. Then, under "Select template", choose "Manual for each Matter"
  2. Navigate to the Matter you want to change, and fill in your desired Matter number/name in the "Matter Number" field
  3. Return to the Matter Number settings screen and set up your automatic Matter numbering scheme as you had it before. Do not select "Update all existing Matters to reflect new numbering scheme"

I updated my client's name but that update isn't showing in the Matter Number. How can I get it to update?

To update a Matter Number which isn't reflecting a change to the client's name, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to that Matter and select "Edit"
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and check the "" box
  3. Click "Update Matter"

Is there a way to remove the zeroes before a firm-wide Matter Number?

No. Currently, all firm-wide Matter Numbers must be five digits long.

Will changes to the matter folder naming be applied to Matter folders in Clio Drive?

Yes. Any changes made to a Matter number/folder name will be reflected in Clio Drive. The syncing time will vary based on the number of Matter folders getting renamed in Clio Manage. 

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