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Searching, Sorting, and Filtering your Matters

Clio offers you a few different tools to help you quickly find a specific Matter.


Filtering Matters
Sorting Matters
Searching Matters
Recent List

Filtering Matters

To filter your Matters:

  1. Go to the main Matters listing page
  2. Click Filter
  3. Choose how you want to filter your Matters (by practice area, client, a specific custom field, etc.)
  4. Click Apply filters

Sorting Matters

To sort your Matters, click on the column heading. This will sort your Matters in a way relevant to the column. For example, clicking the "Client" column heading will sort your Matters by client in alphabetical order. Clicking the "Open date" heading will sort your Matters chronologically by open date.

Note: You can add additional columns by clicking the Columns dropdown.

Searching Matters

You can also search your Matters from any screen in Clio using the Global Search bar on the right side of the Clio header. Searching for the Client, Matter, or Matter description will display the relevant Matter.

For more information on using the Global Search, click HERE

For information on Conflict Searching in Clio, click HERE

Recent List

The Recents dropdown menu on the Clio header will display the five Matters which you've most recently accessed.

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