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Statute of Limitations Field

Clio allows you to track a Statute of Limitations date directly within your Matters.

To access the "Statute of Limitations" field, open a Matter card and click on "Edit". 

Here you will see a field to enter in the Limitations Date and an optional reminder.

Once you have specified the Statute of Limitations date, this date will be visible in the Matter Details table. 

The Statute of Limitations Date can also be viewed in your Clio Calendar by checking the "Statute of Limitations" box.


Once the date has been satisfied you can mark that by editing your Matter and checking the box beside "The limitations date is satisfied".

 You will then see that noted in the Matter Details.

Please Note: Changes will not be saved unless you enter in a Limitations Date. Checking off the "Limitations date satisfied" box is not sufficient.

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