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Removing Duplicate Matters and Contacts

When opening a Matter, you link it to a Client, either by choosing from an existing person in Clio or creating a new Contact.  If you create a duplicate Client entry, you may end up having Matters linked with both of these Clients (when there should only be one). Or, you may accidentally open two Matters when you should only have opened one.



You should be able to open a Client card in Clio and see all Matters attached to that person. For instance, on the page for our Client, Wilbur, we can see the two Matters he has with our firm: 


What if you have two Contacts created for the same person? In this case, we've done a search for "Wilbur Wilbursworthy": 



As there is not an option to "merge" two Contacts together, this must be corrected manually.

View the Contact with fewer Matters or less associated information and click edit in the top right. By adding a "2" in the Last Name field, you'll be able to differentiate between the two, which will be necessary later on.


Next, access the Matter that is associated with the Wilbur contact you are not going to keep and click "Edit Matter" in the top right.  

In the "Client" field, delete the incorrect Wilbur contact that has the 2 included and replace it with the correct contact for Wilbur Wilbursworthy.


To ensure that all information that was linked to "Wilbur Wilbursworthy 2" is moved over to the Wilbur that will remain in the system, go through each Contact sub-tab for him and "Edit" items to choose the correct Matter. You will also want to make sure that all Contact Information has been copied over.

Once you are done, you can delete "Wilbur Wilbursworthy 2" to finish the process. 


When dealing with Matters, you have the advantage of seeing differing Matter Numbers.


In this example, I will be transferring the Time Entries from Matter "00519" to Matter "00518".

  1. Select the Activities tab within the duplicate Matter
  2. Select Edit on each Time Entry (if there are many entries, skip ahead for steps on how to edit in bulk)
  3. Select the Matter field, and type in the correct number. Select the Matter from the list
  4. Once the Matter has been selected, click Save entry
  5. Review the following tabs:
    - Transactions
    - Tasks
    - Calendar
    - Notes
    - Expenses
    - Bills
    - Documents
    - Communications

    Re-assign any entries in these tabs in the same way.

Alternately, if there are too many entries to move individually, you may wish to move the Time Entries in bulk.

  1. Click the "Select All" checkbox on the top-left side of the Activities tab
  2. Select Edit time entries
  3. Under Matter, select the new correct Matter
  4. Click the "I've read and understood..." checkbox
  5. Click Save

After selecting to Save, the Time Entries will be under the correct Matter.

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