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Matter Status

A Matter's status is used to indicate what stage your case is in; if it is Open, Pending, or Closed, and it also assists in sorting.


Matter Statuses
Setting the Matter Status
Viewing Matters by Status

Matter Statuses

Open Matters - When creating a new Matter in Clio, the default status is Open. These are any cases you are actively working on.

Closed Matters - When editing a Matter, you have the option of changing the Matter status to Closed. These are any cases you are no longer working on.

Pending Matters -  When editing a Matter, you can change the status from Open or Closed to Pending. Below are a couple examples of how our clients utilize the Pending status:

  1. As a status prior to Opening:  this can help those Clio users that may have prospective matters that have not been fully realized. If your firm is considering a case, or is actively working to develop a Client, your firm may want to start a Matter to record within Clio any work made towards closing this Client.
  2. As a status between Open and Closed: When preparing to Close a Matter, your firm can use the Pending status as an in-between classification.

Note: Functionality within the Matter does not change when the status changes. The status is simply for organizing and sorting the Matters. 

Setting the Matter Status

You can set the Matter Status when first creating the Matter, or at any time after by changing the Status on the Matter page.


You can also set the Matter status from the Matter listing page.



When first created Matters have a status of Open by default. If this is not the status you wish to have, for example you may prefer a status of Pending initially, you can click inside the Status field and change it. You can also make this change when editing the Matter at any time. You can additionally change the Open Date when modifying the Status.


You can set a Matter's Status to "Closed" in two different ways:

1. Edit the Matter and select "Close"

2. Update Matter status when viewing the Matter details.


Either when creating the Matter or when editing the Matter, you can change the Status to Pending. In addition to this, you can also modify the Pending status date. 

Viewing Matters by Status

To ensure Matters can be accessed efficiently, each Matter Status is broken out into separate sub-tabs under the Matters page.

When first visiting the Matters page, by default you are brought to the list of Open Matters. This can be seen under the Open sub-tab at the upper left of the page. These are either newly created Matters, or Matters that are still actively being worked on.

You can click on the other tabs to filter down your Matter list to Matters of a certain status.

If you wish to further filter this list, click on Filters on the far right. Here you can filter by Responsible Attorney, Billable Status, Practice Area, Permissions, and Custom Fields. Searching by Search Term will allow you to search for text that appears in the Matter Display Number field.

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