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Adding Related Contacts to a Matter

There will be people related to a Matter other than the client that you want to link.  Clio helps you track these individuals and companies so that you can quickly see who is related to each Matter.  You can add a person to a matter via the "Contacts" sub-tab within the matter.  

  1. Go to the Matter you wish to add the person to and click on the "Contacts" sub-tab, then click on the "Add" button and this will reveal the relationship card.

  2. If the contact already exists in Clio, type in their "Relationship" and in the "Contact" field, start typing in their name and choose it from the drop-down.  If the contact does not already exist,  then click the hyperlinks to  "Add A New Person" or "Company" which will  simultaneously create a new contact card and the relationship.

  3. Click "Save" when you are done entering in the information and it will display. To add more, simply click Add once more.

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