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Adding Related Contacts to a Matter

There may be situations where you need to add people related to a matter other than the contact. Clio helps you keep track of individuals and companies related the matter with the related contacts functionality. You can add a related contact to a matter from the matter detail page.

  1. Go to the matter you want to add the related contact to.
  2. Under the Dashboard subtab, go to the Related contacts section, and click Edit.
  3. When the new window appears, scroll down to the Related contacts section and add related contacts by clicking Add related contact. If you check the box next to Bill recipient, the related contact will be selected by default to receive any bills sent for this matter.

  4. Click Save matter to return to the matter details page.

Your related contacts are displayed on the right side of the matter detail page. They can also be found the main contact's page. From the matter detail page, you can copy address information for a client or a related contact by clicking the copy button the right of a contact's address information. You can also generate a CSV file containing the contact details of the client and related contacts associated with the matter by clicking Export in the Contacts section.

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