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iOS App: Documents


Finding your Documents
Viewing Documents and Document Details
Editing and Deleting Documents
Uploading Documents
Downloading/Printing Documents

Finding your Documents

Within a Matter

You are able to view your Documents by opening the Matter and tapping the "Documents" button.



Searching for Documents

To find a Document quickly, tap the magnifying glass icon at the bottom right of the screen to search the title (not text) of the Document.



Viewing Documents and Document Details

When viewing your Documents they will be listed in alphabetical order as well as show any Folders you may have.

To view a Document, tap the Document name. You'll be able to see a preview of the Document


Tap the "Share" link at the top right to send the document via the iOS app.



Editing and Deleting Documents

From the "Details" tab after clicking on the Document, tap the "Edit document details" link at the bottom of the screen to edit Document information or to delete the Document. 



On the Edit screen, you can add or change the Document's Category, Name, Destination Folder, and Received Date.  Next, tap the checkmark at the top right to save. To delete the Document, tap the "Delete Document" button.


Uploading Documents

To upload a document, tap on the "Upload document" at the bottom right corner of the screen once you're in the Document section of the Matter.


 On the "Upload document" screen, you'll be able to select "Take a photo", "Upload from photo gallery", "Upload file" The camera option allows you to take a photo of a document, while the gallery option allows you to select an existing image.  

Select the upload source then tap the "checkmark" link at the top right of the screen.


Once you have taken the photo or selected the image, you can view a preview. You can also change the file name, description, Matter, etc if necessary.


Downloading/Sharing Documents

You can download or share a document by opening it and tapping the "Share" icon at the top right in the "Preview" page of the Document.


 Tapping the "Share" icon will present you with options for downloading, sending, and printing your document.


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