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Filtering the Firm Feed

You can filter the Firm Feed to view activities and events by specific User, Type, and Deleted. You can layer these filtering options to pinpoint the exact piece of information you need.

To do this, click on the "Filter" option to the right of the Firm Feed:

User Action Filtering

You can filter by specific user in order to see what they have done within the account. Users on this list are added based off their creation date, with the newest entries showing on the bottom.

Type Filtering

You can filter by Type to pinpoint actions related to specific kinds of resources in Clio. Note that the Type list will only populate with actions you have taken in your account. I.e., if you have not made any Contact notes you will not see that option in the drop down menu.

Viewing Deleted Items

To view only deleted items, select "Yes" from the  "Deleted only" field.  Your Firm Feed will re-load to display only items that have been deleted:

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