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NetDocuments: Setup

Clio's Integration with NetDocuments allows users to:

  1. Upload documents to NetDocuments and associate them with Matters in Clio;
  2. Use their favorite programs to create, open and save documents directly to NetDocuments / Clio from within Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook;
  3. Powerful full-text searching of documents within NetDocuments; and
  4. Optional on-premise document backup with NetDocument’s Local Document Service.

Please note: Click HERE for a direct link to the North American NetDocuments login page. This page can also be accessed by going to netdocuments.com and clicking on "View US Site" at the very bottom. Clicking on "login" or Googling "netdocuments login" will redirect you to the EU login page.
Documents can be viewed in Clio, but are housed in NetDocuments. Searching for an individual Document must be done in NetDocuments.

Note: The NetDocuments Integration will not auto create Matter folders in Clio and this will need to be manually completed. 

Integration Setup

  1. Click on the gear icon in the Clio header to open the Settings panel.  Then choose "Documents".  Once in this screen scroll down and choose "Configure NetDocuments":

  2. Click on the link to "Link NetDocuments Account":


    You may need to log into NetDocs as a next step.

  3. Now you will see Clio is linked to NetDocuments.  You will also see the area to “Make NetDocuments the default document source”, meaning it will show up as the first tab when you open any “Documents” tab in Clio.  You will also see the “Select NetDocuments Cabinet” choice where you must choose a Cabinet in NetDocuments to set up the integration in.  

    2013-04-27_1009.pngNow, before you continue you have a choice to either set the NetDocuments integration up with a Workspace View or a Folder View.  If you have a Basic NetDocuments account, you will only have the option of a Folder view.  

    To understand the two options, please view this chart: 



To Continue with Step 2, please choose the appropriate article based on your chosen view:

Step 2A:  Setting up your Workspace View

Step 2B:  Setting up your Folder View

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