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Dropbox: Moving Existing Dropbox Documents to the Clio Integration

Now that you've integrated your Dropbox account with Clio, you will likely have documents that you would like to move from Dropbox to Clio.  While not automated, it is a fairly easy process.

Please note that if you have questions about Dropbox and its abilities/functions, you should contact Dropbox directly.  The following steps serve as a general guide to assist you in the process of moving documents into the Clio/Dropbox integration.  The steps shown are done from the web interface of Dropbox and you may choose to move the folders over in a slightly different way.

  1. Open your Dropbox account to view your folders.  Once the integration is set up you will have a "Clio" folder as well as any existing folders/documents you have:
  2. Within the Clio folder you will see that Clio has automatically set up sub-folders that match the sub-folders in your Clio/Dropbox account.  This is so that any documents placed in these sub-folders will be linked the appropriate client and matter.
  3. Now, go to a folder or document(s) in Dropbox that you want to move to the Clio integration.  In my example, I would like all the sub-folders in my Oliver Banks documents moved.    Select the items and choose "Move" or "Copy":
  4. When you do so, you will be asked where the files are supposed to go.  Choose the Clio folder-appropriate client subfolder-appropriate matter:
  5. Now when you look at the matter sub-folder in Clio, you will see the sub-folders/documents that you have moved over: Follow these steps for all items you would like to move into the Clio/Dropbox integration.

Warning: Do not move or rename the Clio folder or any of its subfolders.

What if I want to move over something that is not associated to a client or matter?

You can do this, simply move/copy the item from Dropbox to Clio and the folder/documents will show up in your Clio/Dropbox list and will not be attached to a client/matter.


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