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Box: Setup

To set up your Box/Clio Integration, please follow these steps:

Note:  You must have a Box account set up prior to continuing with these steps.

Before you set up the integration we strongly suggest that you back up your existing Box documents using Box Sync.  For more information, click here.

1.   Click on the gear wheel at the top and go to "Settings > System > Document Sources".2. Enable the Box integration by clicking on "Configure Box".Configure_Box.png

3.  Authorize the Clio | Box integration by clicking on "Link Box Account":Link_Box_Account.png

4.  Next, authorize in the Box interface by signing into Box and granting access:

5.  Now you must choose how you want your client matter folders to be created in Box.  You can choose if you want to create folders in Box for your open matters, open and pending or all.  When you've chosen, click "Save".Box_Settings.png

This will create a Clio folder inside your Box account. Inside the Clio folder will be subfolders for your clients, and subfolders for your Matters.

Warning: Do not move or rename the Clio folder or any of its subfolders.

To learn more about the Box integration with Clio, click here.


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