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User Default Rates

User Default Rates

Your "User Rate" is the base default rate which Clio will use on time entries when it is not overridden by a Matter/Client/Custom rate.

Users can modify their own User Rate for time entries going forwards by clicking on their user icon in the bottom left of the black navigation bar and clicking View Profile; or by going to the Settings menu and clicking on Profile in the Personal column.


In the Profile form, the Billing Rate field is found below the Time Zone and Locale fields:


When making changes to any of the details on your Profile, remember to click the Save New Information button. Updating a user's Billing Rate will cause all future Time Entries to be entered at the specified rate automatically. Historical entries (ie, Time Entries that are already created), will not be updated and only entries going forwards will be affected.

Administrator Control

Account Administrators can modify the User Rate of all users on the account by going to the Settings panel and clicking on Manage Users in the System column.


Click Edit under the Name column for the user you want to want to make a change to;

You will now see the section where you can set the Billing Rate for that User and their Visibility:


Once this has been updated, it will affect time entries going forwards, but it will not update all existing entries under this user.

With respect to visibility:

All: The user can see their rate as well as the rate of any users in the firm, along with the total for time entries.

Limited: The user can only see their own rate.

None: The user can not see any rates or totals for time entries.

Please Note: If you want to restrict a user's access to rate/billing information, then also remove permissions for Billing and Reports or they will be able to see that information there. For more information on Permissions for Billing Rates, click here.

When you have finished making any changes, click on Save New Information.

Now, when the User goes to enter in a time entry their User Default Rate will be noted in the time entry field:



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