Filtering and Searching Communications

As with most other areas of Clio, you can filter and search Communications to see exactly what you are looking for.  

Filtering the Inbox or Conversations

From the Communications sub-tab, select the Inbox or Conversations, then click on the "Filter" button.

In the Filter options, you can select whether to search by:

  1. Time Entries - All Time Entries, With time Entries, or Without Time Entries
  2. Status - All, Unread, or Read
  3. Visibility - All, Unarchived only or Archived only
  4. Optional keywords in the "Search" field

Filtering Logs

To filter your email and phone logs, click on the Logs sub-tab of the Communications tab, then click on the "Filter" button.

As with the Secure Message filter, you can also filter communication Logs by associated time entry and keyword. The Logs filter will also allow you to select whether you want to view email communications, phone call communications, or both. To select the type of Logs that you would like to view, click the "Type field".

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